Goat Hill Park/NCJGA golf towel
Goat Hill Park/NCJGA golf towel
Goat Hill Park/NCJGA golf towel

Goat Hill Park/NCJGA golf towel

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Designed with multiple textures to ensure every groove in your club is at its best so you can hit your next best shot and take strokes off your game.  ha ha! Sand resistant and quick drying.  US patent and Trademarked design.  

Goat Hill Park NCJGA golf towel

100% handcrafted and made in USA


100% cotton

100% microfiber 

Proceeds from Goat hill park sales go directly to Goat, and North County Jr Golf)

Note* ships within 3-5 biz days. When out of stock, these are made to order within 1-2 weeks 

Goat Hill Park home of North County Junior Golf

NCJGA was established in 1965 and re-started in 1998 by David Emerick, PGA Golf Professional, their local tour started at Rancho Carlsbad and consisted of just 4 events and 15-20 boys and girls played. LPGA professional Jennifer Johnson was a consistent winner!

Way back in the day, Mark Wiebe, Champions Tour and John Ashworth of Linksoul battled it out on the links.

Becoming a Non Profit

In 2007, the Board of Directors and David decided to make the NCJGA a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit California Corporation, enabling them to raise money and keep golf affordable to achieve its mission. The filing was done by Toni Richie the Attorney for the NCJGA.

The original NCJGA website was created by Chris Beck, who incorporated the Blue Golf platform, which they still use and love today.